The Oaks Airport - Telstra Tower matter

The Oaks Airport matter is one which we are intensively involved, assisting the Airport Owner (Mr Grahame Onus) to maintain Flying Operations there - unhindered, The Oaks Airport is Sydney last remaining operational World War Two - 'Emergency Aerodrome'. The Oaks Airport is in daily use for Flying Training and Emergency Procedures training and testing for Schools from The Oaks and also within and outside the Sydney basin.

Judgement handed down in the Supreme Court of NSW on 10th February 2011

Our expert Opinion - given from early 2009. Why did Telstra refuse to listen to us ?

"We believe that the Tower as proposed would be a hazard to Aviation and poses a deadly safety risk".

Our opinion was validated in the Judgement of Supreme Court Justice, Derek Price on the 10th February 2011 (almost 2 years later).

".....There is a reasonably foreseeable risk that aircraft will collide with the tower causing death, or at the very least serious injury, to the aircrafts' occupants. The tower will materially add to the risk to the safety of pilots and passengers of aircraft that use the airfield."
Justice Price then placed a permanent injunction on the construction of the 35m (115') Tower.


Comment from others:

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Email from Captain Jim Edwards - Senior Flight Operations Inspector

Email from Graham Hill - Australian Parachute Federation

Email from Mike Apps - Owner Polo Flat Airport - Cooma

Letter from David Rolfe, Chief Flying Instructor - The Oaks

Email from Don Palmer - President Southern Cross Gliding Club - Camden

Email from John Dall - Tugmaster Southern Cross Gliding Club - Camden

Letter from Aircraft Owner's and Pilots Association (AOPA)

Letter from Geoff Garbutt, BP Service Station - The Oaks



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Link to Google Maps for The Oaks Aiport


1943 Airport Survey - (300Kb JPEG)

View/Download 1942 Aerial Photo of the Airport during WW2 - (1.2Mb JPEG)



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