"Tiger Airways returns to the Skies"

Tiger Airways made its first flight today after the grounding by CASA. Flight TT558 departed Melbourne for Sydney at midday.

The new CEO, Tony Davis talked about rebuilding passenger confidence.
"I immediately came down [from Singapore] and immediately took charge of the situation personally. [This] is a tangible demonstration of how seriously we took this business and how committed we are to its long-term success.

"The fact that we have made that investment is a clear indication to the marketplace and our competitors that we're not prepared to walk away from Australia and that we are committed to grow a sustainable, viable and safe operation."


25 MAY 2011: ICAO Conference News

"A Third of Plane Accidents Occur on the Ground"

NEARLY one-third of plane accidents worldwide occur on the ground due to poor runway designs or air traffic control miscues, the International Civil Aviation Organisation said today.

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03 April 2011 : The Oaks Airport

Saving Sydney's last operational World War Two 'Emergency' Aerodrome from the threat posed by Telstra's proposed Mobile Phone Tower

A major matter we been working on for the last 2 years has been resolved in the Client's favour in the Supreme Court of NSW.

The owner of The Oaks Airport's battle with Telstra Corporation, which we have been heavily involved with, has wide implications for the Aviation Industry.

The Oaks Airport is home to Recreational and Sport Aircraft training, Outlanding (Off Airport) landing training and Emergency procedures training and testing for Pilots and Operators from within and outside the "Sydney basin".
The Airport is also used by Military and Emergency services for training.  

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