NZ Balloon Accident

Statement prepared at the request of the Sunday Telegraph (Sydney) 8th January 2012

"People have been flying Hot Air Balloons safely, since 1783 to be exact, long before the Wright Brother's first sucessful powered flight in 1903.

The hot air balloon is the oldest successful human-carrying flight technology. Every year there are thousands of Hot Air Balloon FLights around the world without incident.

The training and conduct of Balloon Pilots and especially Balloon Flight Organisations are strictly controlled by the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand.

Balloon Pilots that perform passenger carrying flights are specially certified, very experienced, and meticulously safety conscious.

From the information available so far, what appears to have happened would be an unfortunate accident.

This accident is now under formal investigation by the New Zealand Transport Accident Investigation Commission, and I can therefore make no further comment at the moment until the Investigators produce their report into this most tragic accident".

Carl Holden

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