CV - Carl Holden Experience

Flying Hours
Over 4,000 in various Powered Aircraft and Gliders.

Aviation Law Association of Australian & New Zealand (ALAANZ)
Flight Safety Foundation (International Air Safety organisation)
Safety Institute of Australia (Aviation Special Interest Group)
Recreational Aircraft Australia
National Association of Flight Instructors (USA)
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (USA)

Australian Institute of Emergency Services
Royal Aeronautical Society
Experimental Aircraft Association
EAA Aerobatics Chapter

FAI – Official Observer
Pilot Examiner – Australian Ultralight Federation (Now Recreational Aircraft Australia)
FAA (USA) Validation – US Flight Experience – GA and Glider - 1988
Crash and Incident Investigator – Australian Ultralight Federation 1986 +
Chief Flying Instructor – Sydney Ultralight Flying Club Ltd – 1986 – 2006
NSW Court – Expert Witness – Aircraft Crash claim – 1997
CASA  Regional Airspace and Procedures Advisory Committee (RAPAC) NSW
Chief Flying Instructor – appointed 1986 by Dept of Aviation (now CASA)
Chief Flying Instructor – Australian Ultralight Federation
Gliding ‘C’ Certificate - 1983
Glider Tow Plane Pilot – Checking and Training Approval Dept of Aviation (now CASA) - 1984
Glider Tow Plane Pilot – Unrestricted
Principles and Methods of Instruction - Courses
Chief Tug Pilot – Narromine Soaring Centre - 1984/5
1988 World Gliding Championships – Benalla – Tug Pilot (by invitation only)
Tugmaster – Gliding Competitions – Leeton, Forbes, Temora
Senior Commercial/Airline Pilot Theory Course - Sydney Technical College – 1981 to 82
Basic Gas Turbine (BGT) Course
Private Pilot – Unrestricted - 1982
Constant Speed Propellor Endorsement
Retractable Undercarriage Endorsement
Pressurisation Endorsement
Float Landing Gear Endorsement
Retractable Undercarriage Endorsement
Class 4 Instrument rating / Night VMC Endorsement
Multi-engine endorsement

November 2001 - as a passenger - survived life-threatening crash (at a Sydney basin Airfield) into an Air Safety hazard he had previously identified, but permission to remove at that time was denied by the local Municipal Council. After the crash, permission was granted by the local Council for removal of the hazard.


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