Crisis Management

Preparation for an incident or accident is essential.
Our experts in crisis management will prepare your operation to avoid the common mistakes made during the critical 36 hour post-event period. Experience has shown that operators with an effective and efficient emergency response plan fare much better than firms who are not prepared for an accident.

In case of an accident, your firm will experience pressure from passengers and families, employees, unions, insurance companies, the media, governmental regulatory organizations, and investigation agencies. A well designed response will provide the resources and procedures to counter these influences.

Good business practices require that aviation operators possess emergency response plans. We can ensure that your firm meets these requirements.   

Once an event occurs, the need for planning will be immediate and essential. Don't wait until an event has already occurred, let us assist your organisation to prepare.

A serious safety event demands a timely, thorough and effective responsive by your organization.

An event of this nature can impart significant financial pressures on your organisation, along with damaging negative public relations outcomes.

We can assist your firm in event response planning so that minimum disruption to normal operations will occur. We will also help your organization address potential negative public relations issues.

After the initial response phase, our experts will assist you in the crucial interactions with regulatory and investigative agencies, such as the ATSB and CASA.

Ineffective strategies and actions in the complex environment of safety event response present the potential for extensive damage to your organization. With our assistance, your organisation will be able to minimize, if not eliminate, costly financial and public relations outcomes, as well as ensuring the best safety outcome for you customers.






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